Walking Sticks 

Walking stick making comes with a love of wood in its natural state and in my case a love of the out doors. My other passion is fly fishing and a stick or wading staff  is often a necessity when navigating a fast flowing stream or a slippery river bank. I  discovered the basic skills by working with some of the best stick makers in Wales. I have now developed my own style. Making good honest strong working sticks hopefully with a little style that you would  be proud to carry on the farm, market or hillside. I like to work traditionally using well seasoned woods  and hand tools to achieve the shapes and finishes. I finish  with oil  and hand polish to achieve the gloss finish. I am now almost exclusively making sticks to order. These pictures are to give you some ideas of the type and styles of sticks I can create. Please contact me with your request and I will discuss your requirements and we can chose the wood and any additional features you would like to make your stick unique and personal to you.

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