I only make knives to order. I have listed some knives below to give you an idea of the sort of work I can undertake. Knives vary considerable in price set by the quality of blade you wish and the complexity of the work. Each order is discussed and I ascertain material costs then give you an accurate quotation. Custom knives of good quality are expensive. Some makers make budget knives based on poor quality blades. These knifes are just for show. My knives as with my sticks are working knives designed for use. Once and order is agreed a 50% deposit is required to cover materials before I can commence work. A basic knife takes around 60 hours to make. I will also need proof that you are over 18 years of age. This is a legal requirement. Please note it is an offence to carry a knife of this size without a good cause. You would have to allow four to six weeks for completion of your order. I send regular progress pictures so you can see your knife coming together and you will then have a record to keep with your knife. Dealers like this provenance should you ever come to sell your knife.

9" Hunting Knife

£ 125 

Basic straight tang blade hunting and general purpose field craft knife. 


Classic Bush Craft Knife

£ 145 

A classic bush craft style much favoured by popular TV bush craft experts


Scottish Sock Knife Letter Opener

£ 75 

A great gift for the keen field sportsman to adorn his desk. A classic style often worn in the sock with a kilt. This has a chrome blade suitable only for display.

I can make this knife with a cutting blade but you must remember if it is worn in the sock in public it is considered a concealed weapon and is illegal and invites a heavy penalty on conviction


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